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B-Sure IT has a wide variety of backup and data protection solutions to ensure that your business data is safe and secured!

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Redstor Backup Solutions


Unified Data Management

Redstor unifies backup, instant data recovery and access, archiving, search and data migration through a centralised console.


Key Features

Rapid deployment

Minimal training. Time to value in minutes. Easy to configure. Install and it just works.

Flexible and scalable

Protect a wide range of different environments and applications. Deploy as public, private or hybrid cloud.

Expert support

As well as owning the IP for our software, we provide the infrastructure and support, offering a complete end-to-end service.


Cloud Archiving

Redstor delivers simple-to-manage, highly scalable, long-term cloud archiving. Our service ensures data remains extremely easy to access, while freeing up expensive primary storage.

Disaster Recovery

Redstor gives you the disaster recovery tools you need to get users up and running with minimal complexity and disruption.


Would your backup provision work as expected in the event of a disaster?

Backup solutions requiring manual intervention are much more likely to fail

Redstor gives you the disaster recovery tools you need to get users up and running with minimal complexity and disruption.

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Simplify your backup provision with a single, automated, offsite backup solution - protecting data regardless of where it resides. When backup processes are highly complex and require manual intervention, the opportunity for things to go wrong increases dramatically.

For a real-world example of this, we needn’t look very far. On the 31st of January 2017, GitLab (GL) suffered a data loss incident when a Systems Administrator accidentally deleted a live database. The database was around 300GB in size and by the time the cancel delete command was sent, there was only 4.5GB of data left.

GL had five separate backup and replication tools in place to protect against data loss on its storage platform, so when the process began to restore the accidentally deleted data, a simple recovery seemed likely. After a short while however, it was established that there was only one potentially viable backup of the data, which had been taken 6 hours prior.

Redstor can help your organisation avoid a similar outcome.

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