Office Automation


Printing today can consume a substantial amount of your consumables budget, ensuring that you are getting toners for smaller machines at the right price can make a substantial difference to your bottom line profit for smaller printing volumes. As your printing volumes grow, switching to a specialised machine not only brings your individual costs down dramatically but also allows you to manage printing security, review departmental costing, as well as ensure printing quality.


Many companies mistake the need for a Multifunction machine when in fact placing a specialised scanner in some areas of the company could substantially reduce capital outlay when purchasing as well as maintaining machines.


When the need arises for print/scan/copy functionality within certain areas of your office, ensuring that your machines are of top quality as well as of the correct specification is vital to ensure machine life, quality of use as well as reduced costing.

Paperless Solutions

Paperless solutions help companies digitise their workflow and improve their document management.

Paperless solutions further assist in;

– Optimising document processes to provide a more efficient service to customers

– Offering higher levels of customer care through faster internal communication

– Reducing operational costs through a simplified back office

PABX (Hardware)

Ensuring that you are always available to peak to your clients is emperative to satisfying client expectations.

PABX systems allow companies to Manage call traffic by way of;

– Multi departmental automated switchboard options.

– Customising call waiting periods with redirect for unanswered calls after a predetermined amount of time.

– Ring fencing departments to ensure calls stay within the desired department.

– Multisite integration, creating the feel of a centralised hub even when dealing with a number of sites.

– Call forwarding options.

– Voice mail and auto callback options.


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